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Imperial Dragon

Imperial Dragon

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In the Year of the Dragon, this opulent bouquet intertwines with the Wood element, infusing an aura of growth and prosperity.

The Double-Headed Light Pink Lily, Fuchsia Pink Bougainvillea, and Yellow Oncidium blossom in vibrant celebration, echoing the vitality of the wood element.

Red Anthuriums and Red Pussy Willows embody the dragon's fiery spirit, while Crocosmia adds a touch of passion, all cradled in a Blue and White Chinoiserie Ceramic Vase.

Artificial Gold Eucalyptus and Gold Fan whisper of everlasting opulence. Chinese New Year red hanging tassels, like leaves on a prosperous tree, sway with wishes of fortune and joy.

May this enchanted woodland bouquet bring forth abundant blessings in the Year of the Dragon.
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